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     At the start of 1960s of the last century by the initiative of academician B.E.Paton (Kiev, Ukraine) Prof. B.A.Movchan and his colleagues started systematic studies of the structure and properties of thick films (0.5 - 2 mm) of inorganic materials produced by vapour phase deposition in vacuum at the E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute.
     By this time thin films (< 1 µm) of inorganic materials produced by vacuum deposition, have already brought about a rapid development of optics, microelectronics and computer engineering. It was clear that the processes of evaporation and subsequent condensation of the vapour phase form a unique technological package, opening up practically unlimited capabilities in development of solid-state structures by controllable arrangement of atoms or molecules into a specified atomic configuration of the solid. This led to a quite natural question: is it possible to partially or completely transfer the structures and properties of thin films into thick films and respective structures?
     Research and development were performed at the Institute in several directions, namely development of equipment to produce intensive vapour flows, investigation of the features of their condensation in vacuum, and, most importantly, investigation of the structure and properties of thick films (condensates).
     The electron beam already used at the Institute for welding and melting metals and alloys was selected as the source of material heating and evaporation in vacuum.
     In 1994 the International Center for Electron Beam Technology (ICEBT) was established on the base of the research department of the Institute, in order to improve funding of this R&D field.
     ICEBT is a state self-sufficient research and design organization, and it pursues its activity as an independent legal entity, having its own accounts in the banks of Ukraine and abroad and having the right to enter into direct contracts with foreign government organizations and private companies.
     ICEBT staff currently has 45 employees (researchers, designers, engineers, technicians), of which 7 are Doctors of Science.

68 Gorky Street, Kyiv-150, 03150, Ukraine ,
International Center for Electron Beam Technologies (ICEBT)
of E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute
of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
ICEBT Director:
Doctor Kostyantyn Yu. Yakovchuk , tel. + 38 044 2892176
Scientific Leader:
Professor Boris A. Movchan , tel. + 38 044 2876041
Foreign Contracts Coordinator:
Tetyana A. Serbyn , tel./fax: + 38 044 2873166

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