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     ICEBT is an up-to-date research and technology center with a unique array of process and research equipment for production of advanced materials and coatings by EB PVD. The Center has 8 different laboratory and pilot-production EB PVD units of 50 to 250 kW power including 1 EB unit for remelting and refinement of metals and alloys.
     The deposition efficiency of the currently used electron beam evaporators consisting of 3 to 4 sources (crucibles) is 10 to 15 kg of vapors per hour. Technologies of evaporation of both pure metals, including the highest melting W, Ta, etc., and of their alloys, as well as many oxides, borides, carbides and other compounds have been developed.

The Center has up-to-date equipment for investigation of the chemical and phase composition, structure and properties of the condensed materials and coatings. The Center is also equipped with all the required auxiliary apparatus for samples preparation and broad temperature range thermal and thermomechanical treatments.


       The Centers equipment permits coatings to be tested by thermal cycling in the temperature range of 20 to 1150°C by pre-set programs.

      Mechanical properties of the produced condensates are determined in broad ranges of temperatures, loads and loading time.

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