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     Group I: ICEBT Patents

  1. US 5296274A from 22.03.1994. Movchan B.A., Grechanjuk N.I., Chuikov Ju.B., Paton B.E., Stetsenko V.V. "Method of producing carbon-containing materials by electron beam vacuum evaporation of graphite and subsequent condensation".

  2. US 5686785A from 11.11.1997. Movchan B.A., Timashov V.A., Pijuk E.L. "Electron gun having electrically isolated and adjustable cathode".

  3. US 5834070A from 10.11.1998. Movchan B.A., Rudoy Ju.E., Malashenko I.S. "Method of producing protective coatings with chemical composition and structure gradient across the thickness".

  4. US 6669989B2 from 30.12.2003. Movchan B.A., Nerodenko L.M., Rudoy Ju.E. "Method for producing by evaporation a functionally graded coating with an outer ceramic layer on a metal substrate".

  5. US 7042145B2 from 9.05.2006. Movchan B.A., Gavriljuk O.Ja. "Electron beam projector provided with a linear thermionic emitting cathode for electron beam heating".

     We also have Ukrainian, Russian, European, Chinese patents, more than 20 patents altogether.These patents are the result of ICEBT independent research.

     Group II: Customer-owned Patents 

      These patents present the results of research performed by ICEBT together with customers under contracts, which specify intellectual property transfer to the customer. For instance, the following GE patents and applications:

  1. US 7393416B2 from 01.07.2008. Movchan B.A., Spitsberg I., Darolia R. "Vapor Deposition Process and Apparatus Therefore" - Patent of the General Electric Company.

  2. US 7250224B2 from 31.07.2007. Darolia R., Weaver M.M., Corbly D.M., Movchan B.A., Ustinov, A.I. "Coating System and Method for Vibrational Damping of Gas Turbine Airfoils" - Patent of the General Electric Company.

  3. US 6998172B2 from 14.02.2006. Movchan B.A., Rudoy Yu.E., Nerodenko L.M., Darolia R., Spitsberg I., Thompson A.M., Johnson C.A., Wortman D.J. "Thermally-stabilized thermal barrier coating" - Patent of General Electric Company.

     Group III: Joint Patents

     These are results of partner contracts, under which the customer and ICEBT co-own the intellectual property. For instance, the following European patents of United Technologies Corporation (USA) and ICEBT.

  1. EP 0904174 from 16.01.1997. Movchan B.A., Korzh A.V., Neal W., Topal V. "Method of bonding titanium articles using a superplastic interlayer" - (United Technologies Corporation-ICEBT).

  2. EP 0951579 from 10.03.1997. Movchan B.A., Korzh A.V., Topal V. "Method of manufacturing hollow metal objects with elaborated cavities" - (United Technologies Corporation-ICEBT).

  3. EP 0969115 from 05.05.1997. Movchan B.A., Korth A.V., Topal V. "Method of vacuum vaporization of metals" - (United Technologies Corporation-ICEBT).

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