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  • ICEBT manufactures and supplies to customers different modifications of electron beam units for EB PVD

    • Laboratory

    • Pilot-production

    • Production

  • ICEBT offers to customers licenses for the right-to-use advanced technologies and coatings developed by the Center (patents, know-how)

  • ICEBT can produce a small number (3 - 5) of samples of advanced materials (coatings) and propose them to customer (partner) to perform some additional studies of the structure and some properties free of charge. ICEBT and partner co-own the general results of these studies.

  • In keeping with customer (partner) requirements, ICEBT can produce for a certain fee (under contract) the necessary series of new materials (coatings) for their further study by the customer (partner). The customer (partner) has exclusive right to these research results.

  • ICEBT can take part in fulfillment of a long-term (2 - 3 years) program of research and development for customer (partner) based on an appropriate agreement.

  • To focus partner's efforts on fulfillment of complex long-term projects ICEBT, can set up a joint laboratory or branch in the premises and with the equipment of the Center, as well as a joint venture for producing samples, unique materials, coatings and products.

  • ICEBT trains technicians and engineers of the respective specialities to acquire professional skills of operating the EB PVD units.

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